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February 2009

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Dear Ms. Adams

Ms. Adams,

We can understand your point of view, but we are again going to reiterate, echoed by our peers, how much we completely disagree with it.

We would like to think, that after four years, you would understand that we, as seniors, are responsible enough to be able to conduct ourselves in a manner becoming of our maturity level. Teachers, also, are responsible enough, and in enough control of their classrooms, to be able to tell seniors when they are allowed to have yearbooks signed, and when they should be stowed away.

How are we expected, as graduating seniors, to make memories worthy of the time we have spent at our wonderful school, if getting our yearbooks on our last day of school is essentially saying that underclassmen are not worth remembering? There are many people who we may never see again, who will now lose the opportunity to say a final goodbye as we are all swept up in the final events on Friday. The purpose of the last two days of school is making memories, it's not instruction, it's not testing, it's finalizing what Beaverton has meant to us for four years. High school is about making memories, and we feel that privilege has, in part, been taken away from us.

Regarding our brief meeting, it felt as if you weren't willing to consider what we had to say - even if it will only benefit next year's class - you summarily dismissed us when you walked out of the main office already with the word 'no' written with your index finger. We felt we respectfully addressed you, and we believe we deserve the same in return.


I agree completely. Hope she listens.