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February 2009

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As I arrive home late from yet another night out with (this time) Daniel and Will, I really start to fear the end of summer. I always have amazing bursts of activity, where I go out for a movie, or drive out to the middle of nowhere at 11 o'clock at night just to "watch" the meteor shower. Or watch HSM2 with Tina and Courtney, or have a girls' night with Allisha. Even just coffee after hours at AVA has become a treat, and a curse. It's always so much fun at the time, until I realize that this is our last summer really together. And, of course, it's the first time I've begun to forge friendships with people I hadn't before ... and they're leaving. Sure, they won't be far, but that's not the point. It's that I've taken people for granted and not realized it until they're gone.

Yes, there will be the school year, and next summer, but it's not the same. Next summer there will be an even greater degree of finality - the last everything we do together. And for some of us, the lasts will come sooner as we leave for school, or for vacations that take us far away from home. I want this to be a summer, and a senior year, that I'll remember; for the good and the bad. Bates' "One more time for the last time," has never meant so much to me before.

I only hope I can take advantage of these lasts, and not allow something amazing to pass me by.


Not as much sad as eye-opening. This just means we need to have an amazing senior year and summer.