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February 2009

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I sit here, trying to write and focus, talking to Matt and listening to this song for the who-knows-how-many-th time (Thanks Matt Pharr). I don't know what it is about this song, but no matter how many times I listen to it, I don't get tired of it. There must be a connection with the lyrics that I haven't yet discovered.

Today wasn't necessarily a productive day, but it was a good one nonetheless. I ran four miles this morning with the girls; unfortunately this was more taxing on my ankle than usual, which probably means I need to take some more time off. Something I cannot do, because a) I am captain, and b) we have a meet the second day of school. Responsibility kind of sucks sometimes, as does my extreme resistance to be seen as weak or as a failure.

After practice I finished watching the rest of Disc Two of "Invasion," the TV show my family has decided is going to become it's bonding activity for the next few weeks. It's actually an intriguing show, albeit a bit confusing at times. At the same time, I sporadically showered, dressed, and readied myself to head over to Mark's at four to attend his birthday/scavenger hunt extravaganza downtown.

Of course, being me, I was late to his house, because I had to go feed my cousin's dog and make sure she hadn't used their carpet as her own personal rest room. That was so fun. Not.

Mark's jaunt downtown was fun though, and meeting his friends from school was nice. I knew most of them anyway, but being able to chat more with them was good, especially since he talks about them enough. I talked a lot with his friend Johnny, who I discovered is one of the triplets who is friends with Dillon, and we laughed about him a lot. Pretty much all of Mark's friends do IB and Cross Country as well, which created two good topics for conversation, although I somewhat despise talking about school at this point.

Tonight was supposed to be Bourne movie marathon part two, but Matt's brother had friends over, so I ended up finishing "The Lives of Others" on my own instead. It's actually a pretty good film, despite the fact that I have to read it (It's in German). Thought provoking so far even. Haven't had the chance to finish it yet though, because Brad and his French exchange student Matias showed up and we went for a walk and chatted in my backyard, which was nice becauseI haven't seen Brad in ages. It's always good to have a dose of cynical and sane. A good break in the chaos.

It's hard to think that these are the last nights of summer that I can really enjoy as I have this one. Soon it'll be time to actually buckle down and be productive, and to develop my old sleeping habits so that I can function as a student again. Tragic really, but exhilarating at the same time. Senior year, here we come. I hope I can make it fun without getting lost in the crowd.