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February 2009

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Winter Formal.

The dance itself was interesting. The lights were on, and the only thing linked to Polar Express was the fact that we were at the train station. The DJ sucked and played way too many slow songs, and way too many songs with a slow beat. This normally wouldn't be problematic, but when your date can't hear, there are problems. I spent most of the night stuck dancing with Brian only during the slower beat songs, which meant that I had to guide his hips the whole time because he's deaf.

Then I spent the other part of the night arguing with him about gender roles, because I insisted on paying for something, and he wouldn't let me. Boys are dumb. Not only that, but he spent the whole night being annoying, as usual. Even though I prefaced it and told him we'd be nice to each other. Yeah right.

Not only that, but I went with group of people who aren't really my friends. At all. So Elliott and I pretty much spent the whole night rolling our eyes at each other and sitting in a corner with Allisha, ignoring everyone else. So fun.


Did you go with Brian??
bleh, sometimes it seems like it's more trouble than it's worth. i can remember one time being stuck with a date that i wasn't so hot about, wondering why i felt the need to join the circus that is school dances in the first place. on the upside, you looked beautiful!
Yeah. I mean, Brian and I are friends, but we just don't do dance-type things. Oh well.
Thanks! I really liked my dress. It took me forever, so wearing it was worth it.
The MAX right down the street from BHS, obv.
Hahaha, no, it was at Union Station.